Legal protection

The team of the Holding of security structures " RUS` " consisting of experienced lawyers are ready to provide legalistic services for legal protection of business, business risk assessment, tax optimization, legalistic protection in court:

  • Contractual services (preparation, analysis, examination of all types of contracts);
  • Advocation - representation of interests of individuals and legal body in Arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • Legislative advice, legalistic support-conclusion of contracts for legalistic support. Rendering of legal services under agreements of rendering legal services with our company will allow you to save on the maintenance of the regular lawyer;
  • Identification of counterparty -verification of the reliability of your contractors as the implementation of the recommendation of the FTSI due diligence. Verification consists in checking up-to-date information and assessing information about your counterparty in open sources and using specialized programs to assess the reliability of the information provided, arbitration processes, available enforcement proceedings, public contacts, the availability of information in the register of unfair suppliers, information on tax reporting.
Registration of legal entities (OOO, IE(independent entrepreneur)) on a turnkey basis
  • Making any changes in USRLE, assistance in the purchase and sale of shares;
  • Check the PSF "on a turnkey basis”;
  • Registration of patents
  • Enforcement proceedings-representation in the bailiff’s office, assistance in debt collection;
  • Opening of operating account; offering several banks with the choice of the optimal service tariff;
  • Tax dispute;
  • Tax optimization;
  • Diagnostics, construction, restructuring of the legislative structure of business – audit of the financial activities of the company (group of companies), risk assessment, proposals for optimization, cost reduction, asset protection$
  • Business restructuring-an audit of the financial activities of the company (group of companies) with further proposal to the Customer of several models of the business structure; including optimization of business processes, transformation of business units, reduction of business risks (tax, legal and criminal).вЃ 


  • Лицензия на осуществление частной охранной деятельности
  • Лицензия на осуществление работ связанных с государственной тайной
  • Лицензия на осуществление деятельности по обслуживанию и ремонту средств обеспечения пожарной безопасности
  • Сертификат соответствия эксперта № РОСС RU.3675.04PCP0 / ЭА.00387-12
  • Сертификат соответствия
  • Разрешение на применение знака соответствия
  • Разрешение на хранение оружия и патронов к нему


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